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Animated knots  

Copywright 2008, Idiomorf infographics  

Animation whitch shows how to make a specific knot
This page shows an animation which is used for a manual how to make knots. There is a large variety of knots and each knot has specific properties and suitability for a range of tasks. Some knots are well-adapted to attach to particular objects such as another rope, cleat, ring, or stake. Other knots are made to bind or constrict around an object. Decorative knots usually bind to themselves to produce attractive patterns. Choosing the correct knot for the job at hand is one of the most fundamental aspects of using knots well.

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We have helped clients like you in a wide variety of disciplines by designing specific animations to communicate complex information. Some more examples you wil see on this website.
Ilustrations and animations enable users to understand complicated processes and save you and the end user time and money. Infographics can be used in your promotional materials, both on printed documents and websites.

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Learning with animations
We made a number of illustrations and animations in learning about knots. While some people possess an innate ability to look at a diagram or animation and tie the illustrated knot, for others the initial stages of learning are best accomplished by being shown knot tying methods by a person who already knows them. Knot tying skills are often transmitted by sailors, scouts, climbers, cavers, arborists, rescue professionals, fishermen, and surgeons. After mastering a few basic knots, the diagrams and animations become easier to interpret and use to continue the learning process.