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Animated Infographic of airflow around a Sail  

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Aerodynamial tests
This animation is created for a wind tunnel research program wich is recently carried out at the H.U.T. and V.T.T. wind tunnels. The purpose of the research was primarily to calibrate and verify the MacSail aerodynamic simulation program. The effect of the hull & rigging on the air flow over the sails was studied, and insight was gained on the influence of various trim lines such as sheets, cunningham, outhaul, mast bend etc.
The aims of the study are to gain a deeper physical understanding of the flow past downwind sails at various angles of incidence and Reynolds numbers, and to create a comprehensive database for validation of numerical models and turbulence models used by the yacht research community and competitive sailing industry. The reason for testing a rectangular planform sail with no spanwise variation in twist or cross-section is to first provide a detailed understanding of the flow topology around generic sail sections. Currently, data of sufficient accuracy to be used for CFD validation are not available. 3D experiments with realistic sail planforms and twisted onset flow are planned for the future. Two models have been tested, one with an AR of 15 and constructed from steel and the other with an AR of 10 and constructed from carbon-fiber and foam. The latter model has pressure tappings, whilst the former was coated with PSP. Pressure distributions, surface flow visualization and PIV reveal the details of the changing flow patterns and separation types with varying angle of incidence.

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